Barricades ON FIRE: Eyewitness videos show Hong Kong in chaos amid escalating street violence

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Footage detailing the growing unrest in Honk Kong illustrates the increasingly aggressive nature of the anti-China protests there, as the semi-autonomous territory braces for more unrest in the coming days.

Videos taken by eyewitnesses show impromptu barricades set ablaze by demonstrators, many of whom were armed with metal rods and clubs. Rocks and other projectiles that were hurled at police are also seen strewn on the streets.

The videos also suggest that the protesters are becoming better equipped and more organized. Clad in gas masks and helmets, and with many carrying shields, it’s clear that many of the activists came ready for a fight.

In another clip, a protester is seen shining a laser pointer light in the direction of police – a tactic that has become popular with the demonstrators.

The footage provides additional insight into Saturday night’s unrest, during which protesters hurled petrol bombs at police. Authorities retaliated by deploying water cannon and tear gas.

Kong Kong has been rocked by protests for over the past twelve weeks. What began as marches against a controversial extradition bill has morphed into a wider anti-Beijing movement.

The semi-autonomous territory is bracing for more violence, after protesters vowed that they would shut down transportation routes on Sunday.

US lawmakers have called on Hong Kong to release protesters that were arrested and held during the weeks of unrest, but the government insists that it only detains individuals who participate in violent criminal acts.

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