President Hadi meets US ambassador

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وإليكم تفاصيل الخبر President Hadi meets US ambassador

Alsahwa Net- The President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi met on Monday Christopher Henzel, Ambassador of the United States to Yemen.

Hadi renewed his government’s commitment to peace and implementation of the agreed references on Yemen that includes the Gulf power transfer plan, its implementation mechanism, outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and the United Nations Resolutions on Yemen particularly resolution No. 2216.

Hadi and Henzel discussed key developments in Yemen.

He reminded of his early warning back in 2012 against Iran’s expansion in the region that was implemented in Yemen through their affiliated-Houthi rebels.

Hadi said that developments in Yemen proved that he was right when cautioned against Iran’s threat on the international maritime navigation.

He appreciated the US support for peace in Yemen and praised the levels of cooperation between the two countries on political, economic and security aspects.

For his part, Henzel expressed his pleasure of this meeting with the President of Yemen that comes within mutual cooperation between Yemen and the US.

He reaffirmed his country’s support for Yemen’s unity under the legitimate leadership until meeting aspirations of the Yemeni people to peace, security and stability.

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