Houthis set up new posts south Hodeida

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وإليكم تفاصيل الخبر Houthis set up new posts south Hodeida

Alsahwa Net- The Iran-backed Houthis rebels set up on Sunday new military posts for their fighters in south Hodeida, the army mouthpiece said.

The 26 September Net, the mouthpiece of the Yemen’s national army said that the Houthis rebels sent large number of their militants towards newly sites they set up recently in Hais district, south Hodeida.

The rebels have also set up new security checkpoints on Hais road that intercept movement of citizens coming or outgoing Hais.

The Houthis have mounted their military attacks in Hodeida despite presence of the UN ceasefire monitors.

This military escalation causes death and injury among civilians in Hodeida. Ten citizens sustained serious wounds when the Houthis shelled on Saturday using heavy artillery a popular market in Al-Tuhaita district, south Hodeida.



نشكركم زوار العرب اليوم على تصفح موقعنا وفى حالة كان لديك اى استفسار بخصوص هذا الخبر Houthis set up new posts south Hodeida برجاء ابلاغنا او ترك تعليق الأسفل المصدر : الصحوة نت

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